New Peoms

Spiritual Rays of Love
Marshall Braaten

Love comes down from the heavens into our hearts
It dispels the darkness of fear like that of the sun
It opens your heart to new and wonderful opportunities
Each spiritual ray of love is a gift from god
It unlocks the door to the heart from within
It opens us to the fullness of love within our hearts.
It sets us free from our lower self that lives in fear, worry and dread.
So, awaken to the true glories of love
Since God is love
Love is the key to connect with God
This is wonderful news for all
God loves us so much he made it simple for us to connect with him
Each day God sends us spiritual rays of love to help us connect with him
With love comes inner peace and knowingness
So welcome love into your hearts
Let it guide you from here to eternity

Copyright, Marshall Braaten

Let your Soul Shine
Marshall Braaten

God loves us all.
He wishes all to evolve spiritually.
There are many distractions and dead ends.
The negative always lays traps for us to fall.
Why is this?
Earth is a school house for our growth.
We are spiritual beings and we are sent here and planted on earth for our mission.
We wear many bodies leading all the way to our physical body.
Our purpose is to learn who we are spiritually.
Once we learn this secret.
We will be able to light the way for others to realize this truth.
God is Love.
Love is the power that raises us out of the darkness into the light.
Just as a seed comes out of the ground it seeks the light.
The light of God illuminates us in order for us to grow.
Once you realize who you truly are your heart will blossom like that of a rose.
You will be able to overcome the illusions that dance before your eyes and realize that the glory of God is found within your own being.
So smile bright and let your soul shine

Copyright, Marshall Braaten

Be Love
Marshall Braaten

Love is the key to all understanding
Love is the doorway to all possibilities
Life is the garden of Love
So, go out and cultivate love
For when you are full of Love
You are a beacon of light
Being a beacon of Love
We can all overcome all what’s holding us back
All you can do now is awaken to the love God has for you
Meditate on the truth of Love, hold on to it in your mind
The more you hold on to it and concentrate on the love God has for us
You will be able to change your whole being and become a vehicle for divine love
The time is near when the flood gates of heaven will open up on earth
Then we can truly express are true divinity
We no longer hold on to past and the present
For our future is in the presence of the heavenly realms
They wish for us to rise our hearts for this new change
May you rise your hearts to the truth that’s is coming
You are no longer held down by fear, doubt, and power that has controlled your life
You are free
Fly to your hearts desire
For Love is the power that rules our lives now
So go forward and be Love

Copyright, Marshall Braaten

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Transforming Power

of Love


Marshall Braaten

Without love of God there would be only darkness and life would be barren.

Men would act like animals.

They would be beasts of their primitive desires.

So, God gave us love.

With love God was able to rise us out of darkness in to light.

With love in our hearts; we were able to live a life without sin.

Because love transforms are hearts.

We are able to love one another in brotherly love and serve the lord by being vessels God uses to deliver his message to humanity.

God wants to raise us from are Primitive nature and bring us to are God like nature.

Love is the key.

We are raised with are fullness of love or sink with the lack of it.

Salvation is when we start out on the path of God.

God uses his love to transform are hearts to full service to him.

When we live are lives in service to the lord; he gives us the treasure heaven while on earth.

Since Jesus says heaven lies within.

It is true, we can experience heaven while on earth.

For we know when it’s our time on earth to leave

We can confidently enter the gates of heaven, for we already established a place in heaven with are salvation in the lord Jesus Christ.

So, live in full service of the lord; for he will give you the keys to heaven while on earth.


Copyright, Marshall Braaten


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