Flames of love


Marshall Braaten

Scorch my body with the fires of love

Let the love of god burn in my heart forever

Let us use the fire of God to help ignite the flame of love in the hearts of the children of god.

Let us give the fuel of god’s love in all we do

For we will always be fired to serve the ways of the lord

The time is near when the devil will try even more to blowout our light

But, he will fail, because our love for god is so strong that we will shine like beacons in the night

We will be drunk with love

Then we will not want to live in this world

For we will have the flame of god’s love in our hearts

For when judgment comes we will be ready because we have secured god’s love in our hearts

Since we know god is love, we will live our lives as a living testament to our salvation

And we will walk the righteous life, dictated by the love of the lord

So, be thankful we have a living god, because he takes us from where we were and he raises our hearts to his love, and cleanses us to the day when we can walk our path of salvation.


 Copyright, Marshall Braaten

The Power of the lord


Marshall Braaten


The power of the lord is an onward moving force that removes all obstacles that are in the way.

It drives us to the point of being vehicles for it’s love.

It makes us like shining stars in the night.

Feel the power of the lord moving you!

Feel the love God has for you!

See what direction it moves you too?

Use your heart as a compass.

For your heart is the instrument that God uses to communicate with you.

We must be filled with the Holy Spirit!

We must open our hearts to God constantly!

We must keep our minds on God always!

If we don’t the devil tries to sever our connection with God.

So, we must be like a warrior going into battle.

With all our faith wrapped up into this moving force that will lead us on the road of salvation, that will liberate our souls, from the clutches of sin, from here to eternity!



 Copyright, Marshall Braaten



Marshall Braaten

Oh Humility Oh humility

 Give me your Divine Grace

 Fill my cup with your Divine Blessings

 Fill me with your love, to make me pure

 Make me humble before all God’s creatures

 Make me want to serve you with all my heart

You are the essence of the Holy Spirit

You give to the rich and poor the same

You take away the evil that tries to hold us down

Through our suffering we are made humble

Miracles happen to us, when we are humble

So realize that in our struggles with life

God is making us clean by removing our sin

To make us humble before his eyes

God is building within us inner strength

So, that we can grow in our faith

Until we are ready to walk in full humility in our salvation

With Jesus Christ


Copyright, Marshall Braaten

Oh Sweet Love


Marshall Braaten

You come from the heavens above

Into the hearts of men

You raise them from the depths of sorrow

You give them life

You give them peace

You destroy barriers

For new area’s for growth

You plant new seeds for germination

You nurture

You care

You raise us to new heights

So, invite the lord to pore his love into your heart, so, you will be able to experience Gods love in action in our lives.


Copyright, Marshall Braaten

The Power of Salvation


Marshall Braaten

What is this deep within me? It grows upon the thought of your love and presence.

It’s like an awakening of the power of the lord.

It enlightens my senses; it fills my being with immense love.

It’s divine grace at its finest.

It points to salvation.

It points to the salvation of others.

It gives you the tools you need to serve the lord.

It speaks to your heart, always giving instructions.

So, follow the path of your heart and awaken to the power of salvation by filling your hearts with love.

For you will need the power of the lord, for our mission is to become like Christ and continue his mission of saving the lost of this world.

So, we need to grab the plow of salvation and not look back, because there is always one more step to go on the path of God.

For we never stop learning the ways of the lord.

So, let your love and faith grow into a divine instrument that God can use for the salvation of others.

So, in the name of Jesus Christ awaken to the power of the lord.


Copyright, Marshall Braaten

The Savior


Marshall Braaten

Who is he?

This man who has power, love, contentment and peace.

He’s a builder, not a destroyer.

He stirs our passion to loving and serving god.

He makes us a place in heaven, for when our time is ready to go.

A place is already made.

He helps people out of the depth of their despair

And shows them a way to the kingdom of God.

So, follow  the word of God.

And discover the path God has for you.

As you walk the path of salvation.

Realize that Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for the whole of the world.

That everything we have is a blessing from God.

He gave us all; what we need to have eternal salvation and to walk in his heavenly kingdom.


Copyright, Marshall Braaten

The Queen of Heaven


Marshall Braaten

Before I came to life, I saw the queen of Heaven.

The first thing I said “She is beautiful.”

God said I was to meet her in life, and she would inspire me to serve God.

When I first saw her, I didn’t recognize her.

Then God pulled the curtain from my eyes, and then I recognized her from that moment.

I know she is the Queen of heaven.

Her presence inspires one to serve God, and think of God.

I’m humbled by her presence; I love her with all my heart for the gifts she has awakened in me.

I was given my purpose in life.

After meeting her, she is the muse for what God has called me to do.


Copyright, Marshall Braaten


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